Pacific Beach Hotel 'Alohilani Story

(“The Heavenly Brightness”)

A Waikīkī Beachside Home Away From Home

Queen Liliʻuokalani, the last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom loved spending time in Hamohamo, Waikīkī where she had a home and a beachside cottage she fondly called Kealohilani – the Royal Light or Heavenly Brightness. The surrounding area was once known to house the highest concentration of Royal residences anywhere in the islands, and was cherished by chiefs and royalty as a place to meet, recreate and take refuge. Many of these chiefly residences were kauhale, a cluster of interdependent structures or hale (habitats) that housed the functions and activities critical to the quality of life that supports a prosperous, healthy community.

The Queen considered Hamohamo (to rub as with oil) to be the “most life-giving and healthy” district on the entire island and a place where she enjoyed entertaining others, as well as retreating to for her own amusement, entertainment and pleasure. Over two hundred years later, Waikīkī continues to attract millions of visitors to her shores where they too reconnect, rejuvenate and recreate. For nearly five decades, The Pacific Beach Hotel has accommodated many of those visitors, their families, friends and colleagues. In anticipation of its 50th anniversary and in preparation to serve future generations of travelers, the Hotel brings the “royal light” back to Hamohamo, Waikīkī by adopting the name inspired by and in honor of the great Queen and her beachside home: ʻAlohilani.

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