Our Honolulu Hotel Transformation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Q:            Why is the Pacific Beach Hotel undergoing a guestroom renovation?

A:            It’s important that we continually improve our product offerings to exceed the expectations of our loyal guests. We look forward to welcoming our guests to all-new accommodations this year at our hotel in Waikiki.

Q:            What will change?

A:            The plan is to undergo a top-to-bottom redesign of all 839 Hawaii resort guestrooms and suites. Every room will feature a modern design aesthetic enhanced by a natural color palate of classic ivory and beige tones with hints of colorful blue and green accents to create a cozy beach ambience. Contemporary furnishings like the cedar wood headboard, oak and stone dining table, and plush seating will be custom designed for the hotel. New in-room amenities will include 55” LCD flat-screen TVs with over 50 channels of complimentary HD content, Keurig coffee makers and mini-bar refrigerators.

                As we renovate the guestrooms, we will also conduct some spall repair and exterior painting.

Q:            What is the timing of the guestroom renovation?

A:            The guestroom renovation began in March 2016 and the public areas are scheduled to commence in August 2016. We expect the project to be complete by the end of the year.

Q:            When can guests start booking the renovated rooms?

A:            Newly renovated Hawaii resort guestrooms are available now. To check availability and to make reservations, please visit www.pacificbeachhotel.com or call 808-922-1233.

Public Areas

Q:            What changes are being made to the public areas?

A:            The extensive transformation planned for the hotel’s public spaces will include a completely reimagined hotel exterior and lobby that will feature an open floor plan, new guest services and concierge areas, lobby bar, an exclusive group arrival lounge, as well as a business and education center. Custom furnishings will include a limestone reception desk, white slip-covered sofas, organic live-edge tables, & light fixtures that invoke a tropical, yet refined island aesthetic.

The pool deck will feature a new saltwater infinity pool overlooking the pristine shoreline, a kids’ pool, a pool bar, tiered day beds, and stepping stones leading to exclusive cabanas perched above a new shallow water pool.

Q:            What is the timeline?

A:            The public areas will be renovated in phases and will begin in August 2016. We anticipate completion by mid-2017.

Q:            When will the pool officially close for renovation?

A:            The pool closed for renovation on May 16, 2016. Alternative pool arrangements have been made at a neighboring hotel where Pacific Beach Hotel guests may access and enjoy during their stay.

Q:            Should guests be concerned about noise for the duration of the renovation?

A:            Due to the scope of work being done, we do anticipate construction noise between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. We are taking every precaution to minimize the impact that the noise will have on our Waikiki hotel guest experience. We will keep our guests informed and will alert them ahead of time on any phases of the project that we foresee will be especially noisy.

Q:            Will neighboring businesses be affected by noise for the duration of the renovation?

A:            Due to the scope of work being done, we do anticipate construction noise between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. We are taking every precaution to minimize the impact that the noise will have on our neighboring businesses. We will keep our neighbors informed and will alert them ahead of time on any phases of the project that we foresee will be especially noisy.

Q:            What should guests do if they wish to change or cancel their reservation due to the renovation?

A:            Our reservation policies will not change during the renovation process. Guests may change or cancel their reservation through the method in which they booked, however should refer to the policies notated on their confirmation details for any cancellation or modification charges that may apply. For additional information, we recommend guests to contact their travel agent, customer support desks or the hotel directly at 808-922-1233.

Q:            If guests choose to cancel their reservation due to the renovation, will they be charged a cancellation fee?

A:            Our cancellation policies will not change during the renovation process.  Guests should refer to the cancellation policies section of their confirmation details for any modification or cancellation charges that may apply.

Q:            Will this cause any road closures/impact traffic in any way?

A:            There is a phase of our renovation that will require us to close our driveway for an extended period of time. During that time, all driveway traffic will be rerouted. We will keep our neighbors informed and will alert them ahead of time on any road closure or impacts to traffic that we foresee.

Q:            Will the hotel close during the renovation?

A:            No, the hotel will not close and will remain operational during the renovation.


Dining and Oceanarium Closure


Q:            Are you closing the Oceanarium Restaurant? Why?

A:            We are reprograming the area to create three new experiences for our Waikiki hotel guests.  A group arrival lounge, a business and education center, and a bar lounge that will also serve as a venue for grab-and-go breakfast.

The aquarium itself will undergo an extensive renovation. We plan to rebuild the interior of the oceanarium to include all new coral reef that pay homage to the waters off Waikiki Beach. We will also be curating more than 1,000 new marine life to add to the aquarium. Educational programming is in development and will play a key role in our new oceanarium experience.

Q:            When will the Oceanarium Restaurant officially close?

A:            The Oceanarium Restaurant will officially close on September 1, 2016. The aquarium closed for renovation on May 9, 2016.

Q:            When did the Oceanarium Restaurant first open?

A:            The Oceanarium Restaurant opened in 1980.

Q:            What’s going to happen to the aquarium marine life?

A:            The safety of our sea animals has always been a priority. Before decommissioning the tank, we followed the proper transfer protocol to ensure the careful handling and preservation of all marine life. The majority of the Oceanarium marine life were donated to local aquatic institutions where they will be well taken care of. Others are prospering at a temporary home and we look forward to welcoming them back when the aquarium renovation is complete.

Q:            What is the timing for the aquarium renovation?

A:            Work is scheduled to begin in May 2016 and we anticipate completion by fall 2017.

Q:            Where will our guests be able to have dinner?

A:            The hotel will boast new contemporary Waikiki dining concepts ranging from a farm fresh buffet breakfast to fine Asia-Pacific cuisine. Conceived by internationally acclaimed chef Masaharu Morimoto, the hotel will feature two Morimoto concepts. Located on the second floor, Morimoto Asia will serve as the hotel’s signature Waikiki beach restaurant featuring Chef Morimoto’s world-renowned dishes, which seamlessly integrates Western and traditional asian ingredients. For a more casual dining experience at street level, Momosan will feature yakitori, ramen, and a wide variety of small plates for lunch and dinner, along with a beer garden.

Q:            When will the new restaurants open?

A:            We are targeting fall 2017.


Q:            Will the name of the hotel change?

A:            Yes, we will be transitioning from the Pacific Beach Hotel to ʻAlohilani Resort Waikiki Beach.

Q:            What is the meaning of ʻAlohilani?

A:            ʻAlohilani means “The Heavenly Brightness.”

Hawaiian for “the heavenly brightness,” the hotel chose the name to honor Queen Liliuokalani, Hawaii’s last reigning monarch. The area surrounding the hotel was once known to house the highest concentration of royal residences, including Queen Liliuokalani’s home and beachside cottage that she fondly referred to as Kealohilani – the Royal Light or Heavenly Brightness. The hotel currently sits on land held by the Queen Liliuokalani Trust.

Q:            When will the official transition from Pacific Beach Hotel to ʻAlohilani take place?

A:            We are targeting fall 2017.

Q:            How do you plan to incorporate the Hawaiian Culture into the new hotel experience?

A:            We are working on implementing cultural programming to provide opportunities for our Hawaii resort guests to immerse themselves in our Hawaiian culture, values and practices in a meaningful and authentic way.

Q:            How will the overall guest experience change at ʻAlohilani?

A:            As Waikiki’s newest hotel product, ʻAlohilani Resort Waikiki Beach will offer the perfect mix of upscale accommodations at the best value. While keeping true to our hotel’s classic hospitality, our guests can look forward to elevated levels of service while enjoying beautifully renovated guestrooms and public areas, new Waikiki beach restaurant concepts, and programming.

As of 07/20/16                                                Timeline and information regarding improvements are subject to change.